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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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I need a translator.

Good morning!
It's friday already. Just yesterday I heard someone whistling a christmas tune. Christmas is coming.

Every Christmas season, I've got this habit of sending christmas cards to a close group of friends. I'd design and decorate each card and fill it with all the thoughts before dispatch. Included in the list are my Primary School teacher Mr Victor Yeo & Sec. School teacher Mr Sim Kok Heng. Mr Sim in his two years of education to me taught me more than chemistry: his few words of wisdom will remain etched in my mind.

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eeee. ure gettin me into the xmas mood too.
time to change my playlist to all Christmas songs.

*Sigh* It's nice to see someone still sending Christmas cards ... and customised ones at that! Fewer and fewer folks are dong it these days. Despite all the snazzy animation and chirpy midi musak, e-cards just can't compare with the real thing! It's like comparing instant noodles with a bowl of piping hot prawn noodles swimming in a thick, rich broth!

Shits! Now I'm hungry! :(

BIG indoor xmas tree... :)

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Customised Xmas Cards

Used to do that.
It turned out to be mountaineous task.
Every1 to me was precious. I sent out over 100+ cards every season and spent relatively similar amounts to show people i remembered and cared.

As years went by, this extremely labour-intensive task took its toll, i realised those i considered close didn't need cards. Some replied out of courtesy - and all those important to me , didn't find me important to them.

The numbers dwindled. The effort reduced. Or maybe i had excuses of being busy - all the time.

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