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windsurfing is fun!
The thunderstorm on saturday afternoon washed away any hopes of a good surfing session. Nevertheless we went down to liaise with Patrick (our si-fu) with the payment for the free boards that Boo was willing to pass to us. The boards are without doubt a little jaded having laid there on the racks for eons having being spurned by their disinterested ex-owners. Repairs and patching has to be done, and 2nd-hand sails have to be procured too. This will probably cost me about half a grand.

windsurfing is fun!

Dinner took place at the notorious Dragon Village at Marina South. Didn't know why but I acceded to the request of having my dinner there. The place was horrendously smoky, and the food looked as if they were meant for the pigs. The black-pepper beef and satay chicken was inordinately marinated to the extent that I couldn't tell if the beef was badly burnt or it was just the pepper bits. The curry chicken was drowned in a sea of oil, and it was just very disgusting.... and the hordes of typical singaporeans swarming at the seafood counter was a real put-off. Didn't take me long to disengage myself with the meal. Probably the best part of the meal was the sweet-corn potong ice-cream. For $12 it was truly affordable for all, but ponder a moment on the long term costs incurred by such an unhealthy meal and the real cost of the meal can be gauged.

Oh well..... rushed down to SUNTEC to get tics for sneaks of Double Vision. The movie was generally well filmed and the acting was great, but the ending was a letdown. Nevertheless, it made complete what could have been another dull and mundane saturday. =)

Did a combo of car-servicing and gym. The MOTOGARD workshop was situated near SAFRA Tampines, and I took this opportunity tune-up my Subaru while doing some needed tune-up myself. Imagine the shock I got when I was told that the total cost = $411!!! Horrors Horrors! Couldn't help but feel cheated and fooled, but after a moment's deliberation I realised that my car has clocked 30,000 km, and a major tune-up was necessary. Perhaps 'twas self-assurance, but I'm certainly broke by almost a grand. Probably will be eating brandless white bread with Planters kaya till my payday.

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