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The air-con was leaking again last night. Awaken by the sound of dripping at five-plus in the morning, I frantically rushed to deploy at glass jar strategically at the point of the drip. My shelf of books that I've kept since childhood lies right below the air-con, and there's no way I'm letting the leak ruin this collection. Some of the oldest books that I've kept are several volume of Doraemon, or Xiao-Ding-Dang... that I've fancied since kindergarten days. They were the books that engaged me in make-belief, and to see the world as one with no boundaries. Must get the air-con man soon.

Ended my 3-week hiatus and spent slightly more than an hour at the gym, working on the pecs and biceps. Then paid a visit to the auto-car-wash at SHELL Tampines. Was initially confronted with the choice of a manual car wash or an auto car wash at the same SHELL station. Daunted by the long queue for the manual car wash, I opted for the auto one, only to emerge disappointed. The side mirrors were wet, and some persistent remnants from the birdy creatures refused to go. Had to resort to using tissue paper to clean off those water stains. I'm one of those kind who gets irked by stained windscreen. It's distracting and I stubbornly believe that it increases the likelihood of an accident.

After a wholesome lunch at the new S11 joint at Tampines, I made my 3rd visit to Popular. I've been looking for an A4-size file which can be folded into a table-calender kinda stand for presentations. The previous Popular outlets had no stock of it, but this one did. Completed my objectives for this weekend.

Now it's past three, and I'm very tempted to take a nap. A little too late for a siesta. By the way, read in Sunday Times today that 15% of the Singaporean population have rapid-eye-movement disorder.... I'm one of them. Hopefully I don't strangle anyone to sleep! Or fall asleep during my wedding!

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