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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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the monotony of it all

16 Oct
Time flies. It's already mid-October. Soon it'll be the end of the year. -Time waits for no one; we are all drifting in the Sea of time. The current and tide move us.
Sometimes life can be excruciatingly monotonous that one cannot find meaning in it. But that should never daunt us from making it a truly memorable life.
For there's only one life in a lifetime.

17 Oct
It's been about 3 busy weeks and there're a couple more to come. Working 16 Straight hours daily can cause extremely depression, especially when you wake up to look forward to bedtime. Surely life has more meaning than slumber. the only eagerly- anticipated activity remains in the form of windsurfing. The last two full weekends saw my commitment the level two advanced windsurfing Course. With a heavy duty week and an equally straining weekend, one really has to gasp for air.
huff puff.
The funny thing is that, wlth little time to myself, it dawned upon me that there have been things of utmost importance but I've taken for granted.

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perhaps its because you are a more focused, task-oriented person that you supposedly 'take things for granted' while people like me worry too much about other things in hand that it slows things down and makes things complicated. So got good, got bad. Guess its once again back to relativity; whether things are fine or bad over at your sight or mine depends on timing and luck. Hopefully, things don't detriment your stand.

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