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October soon.

It's almost October.
Wrote my first LJ on Dec 24 2001. It's going to be a year soon. How scary is this passage of time. A pal recently remarked on his fear of the passage of time. As I assuaged him with my rationale, I realised I need some convincing myself too. Why can't things be the same?

Actually, I don't resist change. I try to embrace change. When my computer crashed and I had to start with a brand new system, I'm not embittered by it. I see it as a change to start afresh, to start anew. It's only when history is born that we are able to reflect and progress. That we are able to recall and remember, to regret and recover. Memories keeps us alive as we grow older (and surely wiser).

On a ligher note, I'm looking forward to the level 2 windsurfing course. Paid $120 for it, and it'd better be worth the fees!
It's becoming a habitual activity, and I'm enjoying it.

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