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After two biogesic and four hours of sleep, I feel much better.
My brain still feels like it's dangling from its sockets. Weird way of describing it but oh well.
Lesson learnt: if you're sick, admit you're sick and don't waste half a day at the office.
Perhaps the best thing for me today was cookielad's journal. I happened to chance upon it and hey, IT MADE MY DAY~!
Kudos to moxielass for doing something so so witty and ingenious.... though i suspected that it was probably adapted from Amelie?

Shall go to bed soon, and truly I dread the approach of October.
Perhaps dread is too strong a word. Nothing is really too intimidating, too challenging,
but still, we humans tend to prefer taking the easiest path.

Inaction is preferred?
Time to act?

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