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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Lelong Lelong!

For Urgent Sale

Nokia 8855

M130 (2nd Hand)

Siemens S45 (2nd Hand)

Price negotiable.
I'll do the delivery myself at no additional cost.

Any takers?

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Price quote on the 8855 please! Just something to start off the negotiations.... Thanks.

yah i also wanna know how much for the 8855!

how much is the siemens? does the battery die like mine?

yeah .. would like to know the selling price for the nokia

Is $800 negotiable too much to ask for? It's still wrapped up in plastic, and comes with a one-year guarantee, and not phone plans. =)

For M1 Nokia 8855
1 Year Plan $828
2 Year Plan $768
Retail Price $888

Singtel Nokia 8855 Dualband List :
$758.00(1 year)
$698.00(2 year)

Starhub 8855
$828.00 (1 year)

Just gone checking the price of the 8855. Dun even dare to make you en offer :P

Hey, for you I shall make some allowances. Leave a number (icq, or mobile) and we might be able to negotiate. =)


I think that its a little steep wor ... let me check ard and make you an irresistable offer soon


Willie, you still selling? If so what the price?


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