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Managed to get 30% off BreakTalk mooncakes, so bought quite a few boxes of Green Tea mooncakse for all those distant relatives that mean something to me. Now I'm waiting for the goods to arrive.
My boss was dishing out pointers on life the other day, and touched upon the topic of keeping friendships. According to him, a person's pool of friends grows with age, but so many drifts away with the passage of time that only a couple remain. I made a reflection at that moment in time, and suddenly realised how comfortable I am with my own private space that I never bothered to reach out to those friends around me, which over time, would dwindle into nameless faces. There is no right answer: to keep a small pool of really great friends or to have a large social network. And not to forget time with oneself.

Oh well, the sun's shining, and it's windsurf time again!

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