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One of those rare friday nights

It must be one of those rare friday nights when:
1. everyone is out partying.
2. everyone is on invisible mode.
3. everyone is asleep.
4. everyone else got better things to do.

It's been a hectic day, but I was glad to start off by attending the Starhub seminar on mobile conferencing at Shangri-La Hotel.
Learnt yet a bit more about EDGE, WCDMA and the current technological trends. Of course, the treat was a detailed overview of the virtues of XDA by O2's managing director himself.

I'm definitely getting the XDA!

Now I sound like a techno freak. My boss and sub-boss are getting one themselves, and with some contacts I'd be getting it at
eight-hundred plus, a real steal! What am I gonna do with my brilliant M130? Any takers?

Was asked to explore COMEX, but decided to be a little more responsible and returned to office to resolve some network planning issues.
This took a little longer and overtimed till seven. Had a unnecessary long delay due to jams at a few junctions... but managed to arrive at the dining table at half past eight. Sushi-jyo and sinful waffles, brownies and ice-cream at Gelare. Then it was Sex and the City marathon till now.... time for bed. Tomorrow should be a really fruitful day. =)

PS: actually wanted to end off this entry, but decided to pin down some thoughts and reflections.
I was actually feeling pretty frustrated and cranky during my drive home. I detest jams, and they have this nettling effect on me. Every action provokes a reaction which eventually starts off a chain-reaction. I was irascible at that point in time, and had this unneeded desire to irk others around me. Everything was going the wrong way.. and I felt drained and wanted to be alone. It was because of a decision to change my mindset that made the rest of the night a lovely one, and made the day complete. Mindset: it's a marvel how we want to see things that can affect everything else. Life....!

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