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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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One of those rare friday nights

It must be one of those rare friday nights when:
1. everyone is out partying.
2. everyone is on invisible mode.
3. everyone is asleep.
4. everyone else got better things to do.

It's been a hectic day, but I was glad to start off by attending the Starhub seminar on mobile conferencing at Shangri-La Hotel.
Learnt yet a bit more about EDGE, WCDMA and the current technological trends. Of course, the treat was a detailed overview of the virtues of XDA by O2's managing director himself.

I'm definitely getting the XDA!

Now I sound like a techno freak. My boss and sub-boss are getting one themselves, and with some contacts I'd be getting it at
eight-hundred plus, a real steal! What am I gonna do with my brilliant M130? Any takers?

Was asked to explore COMEX, but decided to be a little more responsible and returned to office to resolve some network planning issues.
This took a little longer and overtimed till seven. Had a unnecessary long delay due to jams at a few junctions... but managed to arrive at the dining table at half past eight. Sushi-jyo and sinful waffles, brownies and ice-cream at Gelare. Then it was Sex and the City marathon till now.... time for bed. Tomorrow should be a really fruitful day. =)

PS: actually wanted to end off this entry, but decided to pin down some thoughts and reflections.
I was actually feeling pretty frustrated and cranky during my drive home. I detest jams, and they have this nettling effect on me. Every action provokes a reaction which eventually starts off a chain-reaction. I was irascible at that point in time, and had this unneeded desire to irk others around me. Everything was going the wrong way.. and I felt drained and wanted to be alone. It was because of a decision to change my mindset that made the rest of the night a lovely one, and made the day complete. Mindset: it's a marvel how we want to see things that can affect everything else. Life....!

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For me,i would tune up the volume and listen to my favourite songs on my audio player while being stuck in a traffic jam along the expressway. It helps to take away your frustration.. Meanwhile.. try looking around and peep at other cars and their passengers (though not very nice to do that):P But who knows you might you might get an eye candy.. =)

How much are you selling? My friend is looking for one for normal usage.

Hmmm.. how much is he offering?

Mindset: it's a marvel how we want to see things that can affect everything else.

yeah. it's true. i've had such experience too.
one example:

i was quite upset over some issue. picked up the book 'who moved my cheese?' by dr spencer johnson. read it and felt so much better. it was quite liberating. i remember putting down the book, took a deep breath and felt so much better.

For those interested to buy XDA, I don't know if u have seen the virtual tour for xda yet.. But it's cool.Check it out.
virtual tour

hey, Journeyman
I came across this website selling leather case for XDA O2.For me, i like the black one. Check this out.

Re: XDA virtual tour

Nice link!



Knowing your interest in technology and mobility, somehow feel that you wounldnt regret it?

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