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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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What is it?
The xda is our new integrated phone and PDA (personal digital assistant), and will be the first combined Pocket PC and GPRS (general packet radio service) device on the consumer market with a colour screen. GPRS support means that the phone connection is "always on" for web browsing or email applications, while the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002TM operating system gives you familiar Microsoft OfficeTM like-functionality on a truly portable device.

Why use it?
As a PDA the xda offers all the benefits of Microsoft Pocket PC 2002TM, including suitably adapted versions of OutlookTM, ExcelTM, WordTM, Internet ExplorerTM, and other familiar Windows® applications including Microsoft's latest media player. You can also install any of the wide range of third party applications developed for the operating system.

More than this you can use these applications at the same time as the phone functionality, so you can make and receive calls whilst surfing the web without having to keep reconnecting

Technical specifications

Processor Type
Intel StrongARM 32-bit Processor

Processor Speed


Type: Reflective TFT Touch Sensitive Screen
Number of Colors: 4096 colour
Resolution: 240 x 320 Graphic Display

System Unit
Dimensions (inches & mm):
18.2 (D) x 73.05 (W) x 129.45 (L) mm
Weight (grams & ounces):
Volume: 140 cc
Expansion Options
Built in: Expansions SD card memory expansion slot/MMC Card
Add-on: Expansions Extended Battery
Stereo Hands free
Cigar Charger

I'm tempted.
And oh yeah, I don't need the cigar charger....

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Wow... Sounds damn cool and i'm tempted too ! How much does it cost?

the xda was officially launch here partnered with starhub contract a couple of weeks back. It was retailing for slightly below $1000 for a 2 year starhub contract, and about $1500 without.. WAS. If you swear by pocket PC, this is for you. Palm OS users switching over would find the device power and memory hungry just like their desktop counterparts. the current messaging software on xda would probably be patched soon after receiving gribes from users on the way it sends and checks emails. Internal battery, now.. same short coming as the treo (internal battery), if u run dry, u are dry till u get to ur next charging point, third party strap o powerpacks are available, but.. would u wanna do that? :) The reviews found on the internet are mostly accurate, it looks impressive :) Do weigh what functions you need, and check out symbian os (7650/9210/P800), they don't have a reset key for a reason :)

Thanks for the info, pal =)

one word...



Will be buying that, or the Loox or the 928...


When I ever get the money...


Re: choices in life...

Hey Chester, we just launched the LOOX today! Fujitsu's a client of mine, so if you wanna get the LOOX, let me know. Think can get discount. RRP is $1,288.

Pros: Integrated Bluetooth, CF and SD/MMC slots, Infrared.

No online connection...

Re: choices in life...

GPRS expansion module available in 2 months...

managed to get a deal for XDA at 800plus!

Re: choices in life...

that's great!!

not really into convergence devices though... prefer to have a seperate phone since I use it so much for work...but I love my Bluetooth headset!

Can't wait for the newest lightweight, metallic designs.

Re: choices in life...

yes.. me too.. Cant wait to get it after i POP. 928 is another option. =)

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