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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Interesting Facts

The myth that you can lose 54 pounds in 6 weeks - Despite what the ads say (I LOST 54 POUNDS IN 6 WEEKS WITHOUT DIETS OR EXERCISE!!! or LOSE 10 POUNDS THIS WEEKEND!), you cannot lose a pound of fat unless you burn off 3,500 calories. To lose 54 pounds in 6 weeks, you would need to lose 9 pounds in 7 days, or 1.3 pounds per day. That 1.3 pounds of fat is equal to 4,500 calories, so you would have to burn off 4,500 calories per day. The only way to do that would be to eat nothing AND run a marathon every day for 42 days. That's impossible. The only way to lose that much weight that quickly is either through dehydration or amputation. The ads are lying.

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Have you been fat before?
Do you know its not possible , as in , personally experienced it?

I agree physically by nature doesn't sound possible.
I've been overweight before.

Its however , whether encouraged or not , possible to increase fat-burning rate significantly with intake of chemicals - chemicals made to do so.

Call it a drug , its possible for a person to outperform himself with a drug. Sound's kinda ironic doesn't it.

too much time on your hands?

I used to be able to lose ummm 8-10 kg in 3 months.... ummm about 22pounds in 12 weeks.... ummm and i did n't resort to any drugs or any of the sadistic treatment u mentioned in ur posts... Though i watch my eating and exercise quite a bit heh

You forgot you can burn yourself! heh..i'm forever at 70 kg, rain or shine. Or maybe that weighing machine at the gym needs re-calibration...hmm.

Not it's not for me lah. Just found it somewhere...

Losing fat the healthy way

I think the best way to lose fat is to exercise regularly and engage vigorously in sports that you like...for instance, swimming, rock climbing, canoeing or perhaps tennis etc.. It is the most healthy way of losing weight, tone up your body and in the mean time enjoy from it.

For me, i would run about 4km daily and swim twice per week to keep myself in shape and reduce fat.

It doesnt matter how much fat you can lose within a short period. It does not make you a winner. What matters is how much determination and perseverance you have in losing fat in the long run, then you are the winner.

Your sound card problem

Quote from your earlier post:I'm having a serious problem with my Avance sound card. Every piece of music I play plays faster than normal.

I am not sure what causes the problem because i need to know what player you are using and you are referring to just wave file or mp3 file.

If you are using Window media player,
Check out the FAQ point #15 here

If you are using Real Player,
Check out this FAQ under Sound Quality Problems.here

If you are using winamp,
check out these few forum posts...
post 1
post 2
post 3

If all above fail, then maybe you can consider reinstalling the latest sound card driver from http://www.avance.com/

Good luck dude..Hope all these are useful to you and your problem can be solved ASAP. =)

Re: Your sound card problem

Thanks dude. Checked out the website eons ago, but they didn't put up much. Sigh...

Re: Your sound card problem

Wah... Then i have no idea. Sorry =) Maybe you can try reinstall the sound card driver, uninstall and reinstall the player or choose another player... sigh =)

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