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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Hungry Hungry Hippo

It's nine, and I've yet to take my dinner. Eating alone's boring, and I'm simply too lazy to go out and tau pau food.
Hmmm will settle it somehow.

Nonetheless, had a fulfilling day today. Spent the entire morning on Effective Problem Solving using BRIEF Therapy.
Jotted down a good quote:
"We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing;
but even that is a decision"

--- Cary Collins.

Other than that, windsurfing was great. I can see that I am improving, and Patrick the sifu singled me out and tested my tagging and jibing skills. I'm eager to learn more and go the distance. It's interesting how windsurfing is becoming a personal zone, like my gymming sessions.
It's just me, the equipment, and nothing else.
Everything else blurs......

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Yup, and every choice comes with trade-offs and risks are involved.

consider getting your own sail and board?

Ex. But might consider getting 2nd hand.

a complete second hand set of windsurfer

hey, found this on yahoo auction...No harm checking it out...Selling the Surf board, about 3.7 m long at $88 dollars.. Closing date for auction is Aug 28 23:04.Click here

Windsurfing sure damn cool.. Wanted to pick up this sport long ago but dont think got the time ..haiz.. maybe after i graduate.

Hey, check out these two websites on windsurfing techniques and equipment. Rather good, i suppose. =)
Windsurfing Technique Forum

Thanks dude.

no problem, pal. Have fun. =)

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