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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Memory Lapse

It's been months since I went partying.
Went down to Devil's Bar with Cindy, and felt really underaged. The pot-bellied uncles and the thick cloud of smoke didn't appeal to the two of us, so we adjourned to Embargo.
They were having some anniversary function. Decided then to get into Centro, but Cindy got stopped at the door for wearing a pair skimpy shorts (tsk tsk). Was desperately searching for
a towel or equivalent to use as her sarong. Obviously it came to nought.
Then it was to Indochime for drinks. Wanted to have fun tonight, and got Meng and Eric to join us since they were in the vicinity.
Then we were off to Zouk. my third time there...
Had more drinks and danced... and I can't remember anymore.

Cindy's IC and visa's still in my wallet. tsk tsk.

Moral of the story: a little partying with the right bunch of people can be fun.

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Sounds like you had fun! : )

Have not been able to party since i enlisted. You must have enjoyed yourself.

Hey, that looks like the Indochine at Empress Place! Heh, wild partying eh? Well, you've gotta let your hair down once a while ... even if one's nick is "buzzcut"! Hahaha!

and I can't remember anymore

Cool journal

Hi, nice journal ! =)

hey, forget to introduce myself. I am Nicholas. I am a newbie. I dun have an account yet, still waiting for my friend to give me his code. ( =P)

Just want to say hi and i like your journal very much =) Keep up the good work =)

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Re: a picture tells 1000 words


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