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It's one of those hectic days. The trip to Science Park last evening was an eye opener; I didn't know the streets and lanes were named after scientific terms. Interesting concept. For today, there was more liaison and frantic emailing, to keep everyone in the loop. Somehow, in a large-scale organisational effort involving many layers, each party is limited to their narrow perspective. As such, it becomes a mammoth task to gather information and data from each party and thereafter update everyone. And this is only possible if one has a clue of what is currently taking place. Oh well, my unofficial third day at my new branch.

Actually, I was mentally drained (I supposed) at the end of the day... and the late gym session last night didn't help. Almost dozed off while driving. Met up with colleagues at Marche Suntec for a really nice dinner before proceeding to Introvar for drinks before coming home to write this entry.
Probably go bathe and then kun...

And yup, I'm having a serious problem with my Avance sound card. Every piece of music I play plays faster than normal. It's pretty cool if I'm in a trance bar, but squeaky voices can drive people up the wall sometimes.

And nope, I'm not referring to Michelle Yeoh nor Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon.
Oh well...

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