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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Eventful Week

It's been so eventfully bad, if there's such a term to describe it. To sum it up, it was a few spates of bad sabotage, followed by a faulty car problem and a smoking computer. The engine malfunction indicator at the front panel of the car lit up early in the week, and it got me rather worried. Tried to diagnose the problem at Stamford Tyres and Servicing, but the mechanics there couldn't help much advised me to send my vehicle to the Subaru workshop as soon as possible. Eventually got it fixed after four long hours and $170.

There was more to come. While waiting for the car to be fixed (at Leng Kee Workshop) me decided to gym and then shopped around at IKEA for a nice pot of palm for a colleague whose housewarming was to take place on National Day. Three hours in IKEA and some cash in hand can be a dangerous thing, as I would soon learn. Decided to get myself a new quilt cover, some pillowcases which were on offer, a new coffee table for the tv, a few pot of plants for myself... (and even decided to be creative: bought half a dozen of salad bowls with the intention of turning them into avant garde plant containers). Reached home; shifted some furniture and unplugged everything as a result. When I plugged my CPU back I smelled something burning....

That was about two grand burning away....

Managed to salvage the monitor, a cdrom and a paltry network card. Nothing else. The harddisk and all the precious memories --> the digital pictures for the year 2002 evaporated into nothingness. I learnt my lesson well. Backups are important.

Stayed off the net for a day or two, and before I turned cold turkey I ventured back into Sim Lim Sq to get myself a brand new CPU. Pentium 4 2.0 processor with NvidiaGeforce4 and a 40Gb harddisk and 256ram. .... all these for about $1200.

And so I turned up at Damien's place with the extra-expensive pot of palm and lamented on the spate of events to his amused wife.
And realised three hours later that the public carpark downstairs is not FREE during public holidays, be it NATIONAL DAY or whatsoever.
And the pot of palm is now $30 more expensive.
Damien, you better take good care of it!


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Hard disk gone? Ouch! Oh man, sorry to hear about that bro! I guess it never rains but pours eh? Well, hope your luck gets better real soon!

Take comfort in knowing that within the same period, there's someone whose worst off in luck then you ... go check out my LJ ... argh !!! .. What'z your birth signs .. how come so coincident one har ...

I should have warned you about Ikea..the same thing happens to me as well...
Did you try getting a surge protector/UPS? Not sure if it helps. But CD-R's are definitely cheaper.
Thought carpark attendants are more lenient on Public Hols? Hmm..

Oh dear, sounds like you've had a terrible week. I was just thinking about how precious files in my notebook are. If I dropped it and everything got wiped out, I would be REALLY REALLY upset. Guess that must be how you're feeling now. So all you've got is what you've uploaded onto the server? Guess it's an expensive lesson to learn for backups to be made regularly!

Well things can only get better! Cheer up dude!

poor thing. but Pentium 4 2.0 processor with NvidiaGeforce4 and a 40Gb harddisk and 256ram. .... all these for about $1200. sounds like a steal.

If my computer break down hon, I'll wear sackcloth and put dust on my head and weep outside the city gates for a fortnite.... *hugz*

well at least you bought a new one, it's not that bad after all.... btw... thanks for the postings on my journal you did a few weeks back, didn't check it until recently. At least unlike the rest of the sg x-change forums, you have the guts to post after you visited my site. it's going to be updated soon so stay tuned.

Thanks for all the condolences and comforting words.
There's nothing in life that can break us, unless we want them to. =)

Yeah, Iguess that's what separates Men from Machines ... especially computers that are prone to blowing up! Heh.

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