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Back to basics

The weekend has been great. I had my best windsurfing session. yeah, i still can't get over it. I'm looking forward to the following weekend to ride the waves again. In the meantime there're lots to do. I've been wanting to set up an online repository of information that I've collected over the net. Spent countless hours doing up the homepage only to realise that the server doesn't support frontpage 2002 extensions. Then tried to be smart and registered an online discussion forum so as to allow easy classification of the knowledge well. While doing this, I paused a little and thought deep. Arrived at the conclusion that all the wasted time could be better spent on learning more instead of classifying and storing the knowledge. It always happens. Since my secondary school days I've been zealously taking down notes and classifying them to order... would probably make a good librarian, but many precious hours were lost to ensuring good form and order.

oh well. I hope I've learnt my own lesson. Less embellishments, more meat.

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