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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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It's been a while.

Eons ago, someone wrote a couplet in his lj, which attracted my attention. I jotted it down zealously, and embarked on an (sad to say) unfinished mission to formulate an antithesis of the former. Here goes:

Beyond the bars that lock me in
I touched the air with songs I sing
A million colours I can see
My soul unreined, I can be free

The path laid out in front of us
Is daunting yet, no doubt a must
For there's no fear that fails oneself
That that of fear of fear itself

So start the journey with a step
And live a life of no regrets.

--> to my didi.

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For there's no fear that fails oneself
That that of fear of fear itself

i think you mean
Than that of fear of fear itself?

lucky didi you have there.

the didi forgot who he was.

hmm...is this the former? england not too powderful..though..

Behind the bars that define my world,
I long for songs I loved to hear,
Blind to the palette of life I am,
My soul is trapped, against my will.

The road I trod, in my shadow,
Was fraught with fear, and hope and sorrow,
For there's no greater phobia, there isn't,
Than reliving that fear, that pain, the anger.

So beware where you place your feet,
For you know not where the path is steep.

That took 5 mins...and 30 cents of my time =]

Nice poem - both yours and yr friend's.


Good to see you post something long. Its really been a while, dun get lost in that forest - that you use as your LJ wallpaper.

Smile ok, National day is coming. So its a long weekend for fun days of activities! :-)

Boys need to go thru times that are tough or troublesome, solving them will shape their thinking, overcoming them give them character. ( i relate this to the butterfly story )

It seems you did well. For you are a thinker and a carer.
Let your Bro come to you, when he needs so.

===Just a thought, i apologize if i crossed the line===

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