Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

No Beer Tonight - Quick Recce at The Great Escape

After the Spartan Training at Penhas, the rest left, while a few of us stayed back to clean up. We swept the floor, mopped away the perspiration, and then cleared the rubbish. While we could grabbed a quick bite nearby, I wanted to do a quick recce of The Great Escape as a potential event venue. We drove over to the Golden Mile Complex, got a little lost and ended up at Rex Theatre. I queried the cashier and he beckoned to us to head towards level 5. At The Projector, we tried to find the route to The Great Escape and ended up at the restroom instead lol, but soon we found ourselves at the outdoor bar.
Unfortunately, there was a company event going on, which meant that we could not have our dinner there. The outdoor area had several puddles of water formed from the heavy downpour, but all in all it sported a great indie vibe, and was helped by the vintage Volkswagen Van which was used as a drinks serving area.
We then decided to find a place to have a quick dinner. I had my early dinner prior to the training session, hence kept the guys company as they found a Heng Hwa Lor Mee place at the basement level (rare!).

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