Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

Day 12 of the ‪#‎30days60secCoreChallenge‬ with Stationary Leg Raises!

Day 12 of the ‪#‎30days60secCoreChallenge‬ with Stationary Leg Raises!

This must be the toughest challenge for me so far, yet it looks so simple. What you need to do is to elevate yourself slightly above ground, and then just raise your legs and keep it there for 60 second.

As with all exercises, always start with the simple ones first. I know of many friends who have been inspired by the Core Challenge movement, and they have been trying the core challenge in private. This is great effort and I salute you for this. But take one step further, and video it, and help us to inspire the rest to do take one positive step and #livethechange !
Here's how we do it:
1. Execute a core exercise movement for 60 sec, 30 days.
2. Video, post online, hashtag #30days60secCoreChallenge and ‪#livethechange
3. Tag 5 friends to get them into action too.
4. Explain why we do it. (transform ourselves and one person at a time). °
Tags: 30days60seccorechallenge, abs, core, discipline, livethechange, teamwellaholic, wellaholic

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