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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Day 4 ‪#‎30days60secCoreChallenge‬

Day 4 ‪#‎30days60secCoreChallenge‬ and I have to skip ‪#‎WellaholicAbRoller‬due to the lack of an ab roller. But it’s tough work and my abs are aching. But I’ll do 10 x 4-point wipers. Painful!

Here’s how we do it. (started from @er_minghunk)
1. Execute a core exercise movement for 60 sec, 30 days.
2. Video, post online, hashtag #30days60secCoreChallenge and‪#‎livethechange‬
3. Tag 5 friends to get them into action too.
4. Explain why we do it. (transform ourselves and one person at a time). °

Tagging @edmundfoto @nerdygymrat @leontan_88 @beniko83 and @davichin34

‪#‎wellaholic‬ #livethechange #abs #core #wiper #letsdoit #nopainnogain

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