Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

Day 2 ‪#‎30days60secCorechallenge

Day 2 ‪#‎30days60secCorechallenge‬ where I’m doing a 60 second plank.
I will have to delay my ‪#‎WellaholicAbRoller‬ as my abs are recovering from yesterday’s onslaught.

Tagging @mc_clucken @darrenfongg @jehworld @alxez and @yyangchen and reminding @thoby
@benvoda @louislyeys
@angstymarc (@nicsham for being a sport)

Here’s how we do it.
1. Execute a core exercise movement for 60 seconds for 30 days.
2. Video it and post it online. Hashtag #30days60secCorechallenge‪#‎livethechange‬ (and even better #WellaholicAbRoller if you do Ab Roller)
3. Tag 5 friends to challenge them. Encourage them to join in the fun. Retag them if they have not been doing it or drop off before 30 days.
4. Explain why we do it (to transform ourselves, and one person at a time).

Tags: ab, core, discipline, livethechange, wellaholic

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