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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Day 1 of #WellaholicAbRoller Challenge!

Responding to @er_minghunk invite on ‪#‎30days60secCoreChallenge ‬and making it a ‪#‎WellaholicAbRoller‬ challenge lol!

Tagging @angstymarc @louislyeys @benvoda @nicsham and @thoby !!! Do it video it and tag 5 more!!

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Er Ming Hung's original message below:

On National Day, Faith and I decided to challenge each other to do the ‪#‎30day60secCorechallenge‬. The idea is just to do 60 seconds of any exercises that strengthen the core muscles for 30 days, e.g. plank, hip raises, pushups etc.
Why core? Cuz everyone can do it. Even holding your core muscles as u stand on the train also counts. And hot abs are well really HOT.

Why 60 seconds? It's short and core muscles gets really trained only just in 60seconds.
Why 30 days? as it's often said, it takes 30 days to form a habit.

It's our hope that through this challenge, our friends and their friends are reminded of the importance to be more active, fitter and healthier in our lives.
And we started this challenge on National Day, to really espouse our wish for Singapore, a nation full of healthy and fit people. Transforming one person at a time. And indeed to live the change.

So here how we do it.

1) Execute a core exercise movement for 60 secs for 30 days.
2) Video-graph it and post it online. Hastag ‪#‎30days60secCorechallenge‬#livethechange
3) Tag 5 friends everyday to challenge them. Encourage them to join in the fun. Re-tag them when u realise they have not been doing it or drop off before 30 days.
4) Copy and paste this message to explain why.