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Eating salads for lunch

Eating salads for lunch

You know how overseas trips are like. It disrupts whatever routine that you have back at your home country. Meals are erratic; there is no time for any proper exercise or workout. And you somewhat make it a point to try the local cuisine, or to be more specific, the delicious local cuisine, which consists of foods often laden with lots of carb-heavy or fat-heavy deliciousness.

I went to India in February. To be more specific, I visited several states in the northern area of Rajasthan. Northern Indian food consists of dishes such as butter chicken, aloo matar, kebabs, etc. Lots of fat, ghee, and lots of salt.

Hence, after my fantastic trip to India, I brought a few additional kilos back with me to Singapore. Which brings me back to my starting statement — you know how overseas trips are like… they make us resolve to bring ourselves back to shape by getting back to our usual routine.

And sometimes more.

Hence, I decided to move to a diet of chicken and seafood, and to cut down any red meats. More importantly, I decided to buy my own veggies from the local supermarket, and make my own packed salads to work, for my lunch.

So far, I’ve only lost a kilo or two, but as I am a veggie-lover, I adjusted easily to this new diet. As the salad requires no microwaving, this is also an easier alternative to making pasta or chicken stew.

Let’s see how long I can stick to this!

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