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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: She Said ::

:: She Said ::


只要能在夜裡 翻來覆去的時候有寄託

等不到天黑 煙火不會太完美
回憶燒成灰 還是等不到結尾
她曾說的無所謂 我怕一天一天被摧毀

等不到天黑 不敢凋謝的花蕾
綠葉在跟隨 放開刺痛的滋味
今後不再怕天明 我想只是害怕清醒

不怕天明 我想只是害怕清醒


She entered quietly
And slowly, she took away the silence
But she only took away the last promise
She didn't take away the loneliness

Our love was never flawed
Just that the beautiful monologue was too tormenting
She said it didn't matter
As long as there is a hope that it could be me
As she laid sleepless, tossing and turning,
In the embrace of the night

Without waiting for the dusk to darken,
The fireworks would not dazzle perfectly
Memories could be reduced to ashes,
But it still would not mark the end

She did once say that she did not care
But I am afraid that I would be reduced day by day

Without waiting for the dusk to darken
The buds of the flowers are fearful to wither and fall
In the dark, the green leaves could follow thereafter
Releasing the tinge of stabbing pain

I am no longer afraid of the dawn
But the notion of waking up

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