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:: Working towards the Blackblot Product Management certification ::

:: Working towards the Blackblot Product Management certification ::

Managing the product management practice for a new product line (Smart and Safe Cities)
in a traditionally system-integration-centric company is certainly not an easy feat.
Hence, I made it a point to enroll in the National University of Singapore (NUS) Institute of System Science (ISS)
course on NICF - Strategic Product Manager.

This course is founded on Blackblot's product management principles and aligned to the
National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) as well as accredited by the
Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

The course reinforced several of the concepts that I have already known and applied to the team,
but there were refreshing ideas as well. I took the opportunity to take down some
specific notes pertaining to Blackblot product management:

There are three delivery strategies: technology, sales and market. Technology-driven delivery strategy creates products that often hinges on their success on awaiting a triggering event, while sales-driven focuses on quick wins and low hanging fruits, especially in a rapidly changing environment. Market-driven delivery strategy is deemed as the most sustainable and long-term, but requires highly procedural commitment and discipline.

Due to the myriad of interpretations and diversity that surround product management job titles,  it is very difficult to ascertain what roles and responsibilities that are associated with a specific product management job role.

In Blackblot's product management team model, there are four distinct roles: Product Planner, Product Marketer, Marcom Manager and Sales Engineer. The former two are strategic while the latter two are tactical.

I have been busy for the past few weeks, hence did not have the time
to prepare and attempt the exam, but fortunately, this Deepavali,
I allocated some time to this endeavor, and I am glad that
I have obtained the certification of Blackblot Product Management Professional,
which is definitely a good supplement to my PMP and Scrum.
Most importantly, I hope to leverage some of the
Blackblot principles to further enhance the current PM processes.

The best is yet to be!
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