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:: Tigger Turns Three! ::

:: Tigger Turns Three! ::

And in the month of November, Tigger turns three.

I can still remember my first encounter with Tigger.
He was the odd ball amongst the litter of British Shorthair,
Ragdoll and one other Japanese Bobtail. I was at the breeder's place,
Looking at the cats. I did not bring the cat carrier with me, having no intention
To adopt another cat, with Franc Franc passing away only a couple of months back.
I remember Tigger being the aggressive cat; coincidentally, it was feeding time.
The food was placed by the breeder for the cats, and Tigger immediately rushed
Over to the catbowl and finished all the food within a few gulps, denying the rest
Of the litter any chance to have their bite.

I spoke with the breeder and realised that Tigger was no longer a kitten.
He was six months' old at the time I met him, and like most cats (for sale)
He was passing over the "adorable kitten" phase, which also meant
That it would be more difficult to get someone to buy him.

I suddenly felt a connection with Tigger, and while I was still very
Attached to Franc Franc, I felt that I should give my love and care to
Another deserving cat, so that at least, what love Franc Franc couldn't receive
Could be passed onto another kitty.

When Tigger first arrived at Yong Siak Street

And over the next few years, Tigger would grow attached me to as
I would grow attached to him. Tigger sleeps with me every night,
Curling himself into a ball on a small pillow adjacent to my own.
He would sometimes purr and then rest his head at the side of
My pillow. I would stroke his back, and his gentle purring
Would then hypnotise me to la la land.

In fact, he is already a big part of my life that
I dedicate the month of November to Tigger.

And while Yuki's birthday is not in November,
Let me celebrate her existence as part of the family too.


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