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11 Jan 2015 - Thankful

11 Jan 2015
Things that I am thankful for




To be able to celebrate W's birthday with a delightful high-tea.
It was a great gathering of sorts, and everyone had a good time.
To also be able to read an insightful article on Sunday Times
About time and money, and about "stopping to stand and stare".
To be able to have a really restful weekend, before
Work begins again. Great week ahead!

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law_rencet from ins,well maybe should say I am not a miser,l spend well on holidays and my shopping spree. I am getting back in shape for CNY,ist day then l will be away again. I Think I should meet up with my gynae good friend,Wanling from Gleaneagles;her Chandon is still in my cellar. I Will try to read the article when l am back!Have a great year ahead!i love Taylor swift 's blank space 😜

Let's make 2015 a brilliant one!

Been a good 7 years of reading your journal. Happy new year willie! Hope you continue writing and inspiring others.


Happy New Year to you, Stranger. =)

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