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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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Bad Poo Habit

Bad Poo Habit


Tigger has been pooing on my duvet consecutively for the past few days.
I decided, over the weekend, to buy a large piece of plastic sheet to cover the entire bed.
This obviously did not deter him,
as I returned home on Sunday and Monday night to find his poo
on top of the plastic sheet.

So, since yesterday, I brought his food tray and litter box
out of my bedroom and kept my room closed.
I hope this will help rid Tigger of his bad poo habit.

Tigger was still staring from the corner as I left the house this morning.
Just a moment ago, I was updated that he has done his business on the litter tray.

Big sigh of relief!


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Tigger boy deserves a big hug !

poo in tigger's bed. that'd teach him.

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