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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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::: Holuhraun Eruption Report (Iceland) ::

::: Holuhraun Eruption Report (Iceland) ::

Scientists flew over the Holuhraun eruption site on Friday. The lava field was measured and the depressions in Dyngjujökull were photographed with radar.

During the last week the eruption has continued at a similar intensity and with similar lava flow.
The Scientific Advisory Board of the Department of Civil Protection in Iceland issued the following report this morning:

The GPS station in the center of Bárðarbunga is currently inactive so no data has been received over the last three days. Repair is on the way.

Twenty-one earthquakes greater than M3.0 were recorded in or around the caldera during the 48 hours to 11:30 this morning. The largest ones were M5.2 at 08:43 and 21:23 on Sunday.

Little seismic activity is now detected in the northern part of the dyke and around the eruption site.
GPS measurements show minor movements. No great changes were detected.
No change was detected in water monitoring that cannot be explained by changing weather.

Well, let’s hope nothing major or serious will happen in the next two weeks.
I certainly want to be another Walter Mitty running for my life!
On another note, a helicopter visit to the volcano sounds like an enticing idea…..

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