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2014-09-Mom Bd

For her birthday this year, Mom asked for a simple and quiet catch up.
“Just you and me, that would be nice,” she suggested.
And so, on 2 October, her actual birthday, I left work and drove over
To the West. I did not anticipate the rush hour traffic, and hence arrived
Later than expected. Mom had the entire evening free, fortunately.
After I made my greetings to Grandma, I drove her over to a nearby Japanese eatery.

“Boy, let me buy you dinner,” she insisted. I silently disagreed,
As I was prepared to give a nice treat on her birthday anyway.
She asked me to choose anything that I fancied, but I was more interested
In knowing what she would want to try. Eventually we decided on a plate of
Sashimi, with a Tori Tonkatsu as well as a Nabe Dinner set.
And of course, sake.

A one-on-one catch up is always more intimate, and we were able to share
With each other on the details of our current lives. She spoke of her new orange-tinged
Hairstyle, her schoolboy customers, her exercise regime. I spoke of my
Job, the people that revolved around my life, financial matters, and more.
And as plates of food get serves, and we mixed morsels with interconnecting
Conversation topics, two hours have passed.

She had some difficulty downloading Facebook. I did an investigation
And realized that she did not mount the SD card. I did the setup for her, and then
Slowly guided her through the process of transferring large-sized video files
From the phone memories to the SD card memory.
I had to make Mom repeat this process over and over again
So that she would be able to get the hang of it.

With every birthday passed, both Mom and myself grow older.
And since we do not stay together, I have come to value
And treasure these sessions.
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