Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Dreams are what you wake up from ::

I had another interesting dream last night.
Or rather, a series of unrelated snippets.

Scene #1
I was accompanying two friends to the clinic. I was not the patient.
The nurse manning the counter turned out to be a friend as well.
He was medically trained, but could not be a doctor.
While waiting for one of my friends to have his consultation done,
I realized that I had an open wound on my right hand.
As it was quite major, my other friend, who was also a doctor,
Opened his bag and took out a needle and thread.
He then began to stitch me up.

Scene #2
I was on a work assignment in a remote area of Malaysia.
Somewhat, despite the fact that this area was far away from the city
There was a large-scale outdoor adventure park
Which was rather empty and with a few visitors.
We were tasked to build yet another similar tourist attraction
Right beside this adventure park. I thought to myself,
“Are you serious about this?”

Scene #3
I was in Japan, with my host family. However, they were no longer
Living in the Tokyo Metropolitan but in the rural countryside.
It was dinner time, and I tried to help to prepare the table.
In the process of scooping the Miso soup into the bowls,
I accidentally knocked one of the bowls.
Its content were strewn all over the kitchen counter
And I had to wipe it all up.
Tags: dreams

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