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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Sento Gym ::

:: Sento Gym ::

It was another bizarre dream.
This time round, I was with two former colleagues.
We were likely in Japan, and we were about to head into a common hot bath.
On the topic of common bath, there are usually two terms to describe this, methinks.
An Ofuro, or お風呂 is a traditional bath, which could reside within one's home, or
Within a community. For example, if you are in a Japanese university, it is most likely that
There will be an Ofuro for use by the university students staying in the dormitories.
A Sento, or 銭湯 is a communal bath house, that is almost identical to an Ofuro but
Designed for use by the public; hence customers will pay for the entrance.
And of course, there's the Onsen or 温泉, which is basically the same public bath
But with hot water from a natural hot spring. So, anyway, back to my dream.
I entered a Sento with my Singaporean colleagues, but because they were not
Familiar with this facility, I tried to show them how to use and enjoy the hot bath.
I started by trying to find an idle locker to put my clothes (yes we have to strip naked).
For some reasons, the hot bath was very packed, and I had a hard time finding an
Empty locker. After trying for a while, I deposited my clothes and then went into the
Hot bath. I sat on a stool and then started to wash myself with shampoo and shower foam
Which the facility provided. My colleagues then came into the shower area, which is sited
Right beside the pool of hot water, and they awkwardly tried to conform to the self-cleaning ritual
Which was mandatory for all before soaking into the hot bath.
I am sure that there was more There was definitely something more to the dream,
But as of all dreams, it was just a hazy blur for now.
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Definitely something i miss about Japan. Reminds me of my time in Fukuoka when I was soaking in an outdoor hot pool under chilly wintry temperatures. It was almost magical.

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