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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Tigger did not forget ::

Tigger in the bathroom

After nine days of not being at home,
we were worried that Tigger would have forgotten us.
I remember reading somewhere on the Internet, that a typical
domesticated cat have only an active memory of three to four days.
Implying that Tigger would have forgotten about us
when we were back from our travels.
Fortunately, this was not the case, and the familiar mew of
Tigger greeted us as the main door slid open.
In fact, Tigger sounded like he was both reprimanding us
for being away for so long (and forsaking him),
as well as showing his affection and joy
that we are back in town.
Apparently, in the grand scheme of things,
cats indeed have excellent memories,
probably lasting more than several days.
Cats adapt to the environment that they are in easily
because they can recall and recollect what they have learned in the past,
and adapt these memories to the current situation to
protect themselves throughout their lives.

I wonder though,
if I were away from Tigger for an extended period of time,
would he recognise me if I return one day?

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I think the longer Tigger stays with you all he will definitely recognise both of you!

I remembered a few years ago when our whole family went to HK for holidays for a week, we put our Teh Cee at a cat hotel, already the first day while we spent a few hours with her, staying in a strange cage, we brought along her own cage, her bed and her toys and even her own food, she was really terrified and the meows from her friendly neighbours.

On touch down back from HK it was NY eve, I sprung to the cat hotel instead of waiting for the next day official check out day, she was so happy to see me meow non stop and obviously lost weight, she wasn't eating much. When our can reach our housing block she began active in the cage and stand up and look out, she knew she was home!

Can tell how relief she was to be home, smelling around etc. From then onwards, we notice, whenever no one is at home, only my mom, if she steps out to the neighbour, Teh Cee will stand by the gate meow and meow, ya, thinking we will (again) forsake and left her alone.

So whatever they say about 2-3 days active memory is all crap. Every animal every being has soul, and the longer they are with us, that attachment is greater, we are after all, a family, Teh Cee is my family, and so is Tigger, is your family. :-)

Yeah. Glad to have him around again! =)

By the way, who was taking care of Tigger while you are away? I have learnt since that some cats, like my Teh Cee, if the next time the whole family is out on an overseas trip, I would hire a cat sitter, I've come to know one quite reliable, we are friends but haven't make use of her service yet, she runs a cattery by the way. She or someone else will visit my home, i.e. will leave Teh Cee home so she is more familiar with her surrounds, keep her company, play with her, and of course feed her. :-)

How is it you didn't stay for the countdown? But I'm giving it a miss too, am only going 2-8 Jan.

Too packed, too crowded. I was in Taiwan for a drive-trip from KS to Taichung and then up to Taipei, but the main highlight was probably not Taipei actually.

icic. yup, seeing the never-ending pics of taiwan on FB kinda scares me a little - imagine the hordes of people from all over the world, the noise, the jam - i'm getting a headache already.

btw, tigger is very sweet-looking. glad she has you guys around over the new year :)

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