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Miyahara Cafe

Miyahara Cafe 1966


Just before leaving Taichung City we decided to explore some of the interesting areas of this modern city. One stop is Miyahara Cafe 1966, an extension from the main store. Apparently salvaged and refurbished from a bank, the dilapidated concrete exterior was juxtaposed with a steel vault door. The fusion of things old with things new definitely have the cafe a nice vibe, especially when it is still surrounded by the traditional art, jewellery and pastry shops.

Inside the cafe was a money Christmas tree (with replica bank notes of course). Being Christmas day, it was a delight to have Christmas jazz music streaming from the cafe.

The menu is an assortment of "notes" depicting rather interesting beverages and snacks, such as "No.2 native pineapple black tea" and "A toast to the past tea". Not having a sweet tooth at the moment, I opted for the Tieh Kwan Ying tea. Iced one.

Even the restrooms are nicely designed and decorated. I was amazed by the Miyahara-branded hand soap and hand cream.

I think every part of a great trip is one that is littered with small surprises, where we are able to soak in the sights and sounds of the journey. Taichung, as agreed by all traveling with me, has been a lovely surprise, and I'm glad that we made a stop here. In fact, I would have imagined myself spending a few more days here.

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