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:: Are Leaders Made or Born? ::

:: Are Leaders Made or Born? ::

Are leaders made or born

There is a perennial question that goes like this "is a leader the same as a manager?"

I think this statement has some relation to the posed question of whether a leader is made or is born. I subscribe to the idea that when we are born, we possess some innate qualities that would make us a better leader, or a better follower. Like the oriental Yin and Yan, a good leader is one that requires followers to believe in him, and a good follower is one that is able to take instructions from the leader. Hence, a good leader must know how to be a follower, and through this process learn to be a leader that is able to leader with inspiration and respect.

Then can leaders be made? I feel that leadership, unlike management, is more of an innate skill. While a leader can be made, it is definitely easier to train a person to be a manager. Management skills or an MBA will imbue a determined executive into a smart manager, but leadership requires more than this. A true leader is usually made in times of crisis, and many times leaders are created out of ordinary human beings that are thrusted into the limelight due to a certain crisis or event, and they muster the right courage and vision to rally an organisation towards excellence.

Hence, are leaders born or made? I think leaders are first and foremost born, with the right set of personalities, and given the right circumstances, they can rise to the occasion and lead. Notwithstanding, leaders can also be made, first as a manager, and then, through determination, develop the right leadership capabilities.

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This question has been asked more than a thousand times all over the world. Perhaps, just for musing, may I suggest looking at this question from a point of bazi, which then, I would think, would be similar to the last paragraph's description.

What I think is (in terms of bazi):

1. that leaders are born with certain alignments / traits in their pillars / configurations

2. there would be other factors (nurture) in life that will give this piece of dull brass to be polished to be the bright bronze / silver / gold that it potentially is

3. there may be a time in life where, let's say with the right set of circumstances (but with a normal set of bazi), a person would be rightly suited to be a leader when otherwise in situations, he would be not. But based on personal experiences shared by geomancers, this likelihood is highly unlikely. The premise that they have it all along inside them is more favored

Interesting entry!

leadership - theories & practices

do consider reading this book (title above) by peter northouse. he gave a good treatment to the concept of leadership and looked at the various theories that had been proposed through time.

i use this book all the time when i conduct L&M programmes and the question of nature vs nurture have always brought out. personally, i do not think it must be either / or, i think there are elements of both.



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