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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: RIP - Franc Franc ::

:: RIP - Franc Franc ::

9 Aug 2012 to 16 April 2013
(250 days)

To the little soul that brought joy to our lives,
Touched our hearts, and gave us a glimpse of
What parenthood means.
May you rest in peace.

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I'm sorry to hear. You did your best for him.

my condolences:(

i am so so so sorry to hear about this. take care

Franc Franc had a great life under your care. Keep him in your heart. :)

u gave him the best moment in his life which he may never get. hugz

oh no! i thought he was getting better.


sorry to hear that. hugs



My condolences, Willie. *hugs*

Hey Willie, so sorry to hear your loss, I really thought Franc Franc was getting better. Please take care. Franc Franc had the best best love, lots of love from you and he knows it, to the last day. You gave and showered him with all the love, tender and care.

I am a cat owner too so I totally understand the love of your pet, your love, your buddy, friend.

RIP Franc Franc you have go on to Kitty Heaven where you will find no pain, run wild and free everyday

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