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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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The Undelivered Letters: Letter Two

The Undelivered Letters: Letter Two

The Undelivered Letters Letter Two

The period of wet weather seems to be over finally, and the sun

Was blazingly hot yesterday. It's amusing how we talk about the weather as the first
Indication of the passage of time, when there are no seasons here in Singapore,
Here, we make observation of the passage of time from the tiniest differences in the weather.
There's never any snow; just fair skies, showers, rains and thunderstorms. It's the degree of the pour.
What other observations do we make, that causes us to be more cognizant of the passage of time?

Well for one, Franc Franc is getting bigger, and he has already lost his "kitten" look.
I would not be surprised if he already weighs more than 3kg! There is a certain routine these days:

I reach home, get changed, open the refrigerator to retrieve the can of half-consumed catfood tuna
In the Tupperware. I would then pour the contents into the Tupperware, and then set it on 15 seconds microwave.
I would then scoop the tuna into Franc Franc's cat-dish. Meanwhile, Franc Franc would be at his best behavior,
Purring and hovering around my feet, with the occasional rubbing of his fur onto my skin.
I would clean up the kitchen area, and then bring his food, in the cat-dish, back into the bathroom.
I would then shower, while the hungry cat gobbles up the morsels as quickly as he can.
With a wet towel, I would wipe his face and then clean up the cat-dish,

Franc Franc seems to be a sociable cat, as he would always position himself where we loiter,
Be it the living room or the bedroom. And when it is bedtime, and the lights go off, he would sometimes
Find a comfortable corner in the room to sleep. More often than not, he would leap onto the bed, and
Make himself comfortable at the corner, closer to my feet. Notwithstanding, for the past few
Weeks, he has moved from my feet area to my pillow, and there were occasions where I, asleep,
Would roll over only to find this fur-ball of a cat snug asleep right next to my face.
He has been a joy, and every morning, when I depart for work, I worry about the hours that he
Would be spending alone with himself.

Another perception of time, comes more internally, which is something I can feel on a daily basis.
I have been having back pains, and the affliction has worsened in recent months. There has been
Occasions where I would either be trying to sit from a standing position, or stand from a seated position.
There would be this unbearable jolt of pain that would surge through my spine, and in the process
Immobilizing me for several seconds. You know how I (or we, as a generalization) always tend to
Defer any medical examinations until I feel that it is really serious, and with the increased frequency of
This phenomenon, I have decided to see a specialist, and have a CT-Scan, just to make sure that
Everything was okay. The series of checks were done, and the conclusion was that I was just suffering
From back pain "that affects about 40-60% of the general population in Singapore, of my age group."
That obviously did not explain why I am still feeling this pain, and confronted with such a diagnosis,
The only resort I have was to continue with a follow-up treatment with a physiotherapist, and then to be
More careful with my posture, my core, and with the weights that I carry.

I could go on about more observations, but a particularly evident one is the fact that my parents have aged.
Their once-porcelain skin has been weathered by time, and the white strands of hair on their head becomes
More apparent with every meal that we take together. I have grow older too. When I occasionally fire up my
Iphoto to look at past photos, I am astounded by how I have aged over the years. Perhaps this is something
We could only feel, after we have reached that milestone, and this realization makes
Me vulnerable and humbles me at the same time. It is a good feeling, nonetheless, as it outlines clearly
The journey that we all have to make, regardless of the amount of power, wealth, influence or fame that we
Have accumulated in this lifetime. It is really a beginning to the end, and as what I have always believed in,
It is when, we stop to stand, and stare, and realize, that we can truly feel the presence of the moment.

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Nice entry, reflects most of what I feel presently.

it's moments like these when we look back that we realized and appreciate our changes in behaviour, outlook and way of life with time. well... we learn, and we continue to learn. the journey continues. it's as exciting as we make it to be. and not sure about you, but for me, i learn to let go of things more with time...

ps: and hey, you may want to see a chiropractor for your back.

You know what this post lack? A picture of Franc Franc.

Also, speedy recovery with the back!

Growing older can be a good thing. Despite my occasional wish that I'm younger (to blend into the age group of surrounding friends), I'm actually quite glad to have come this far and have what I do now. (Just added you as a friend, hope its alright)

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