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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: How Cats Display Affection ::

:: How Cats Display Affection ::

Whether or not your cat is affectionate depends on her personality,
he breeding, and her upbringing. Some cats are aloof;
some can't wait to shower affection upon you.
When a cat chooses to express affection,
she's more likely to show you than tell you,
so understanding the feline lexicon of love requires that
you understan feline body language nd how
they interact with fellow cats as well as humans.

Slow Eye Blinks

When cats encounter strangers or other cats,
they usually greet them with an unblinking stare.
Slow eye blinks - often called "Kitty Kisses" -
are a sign of contentedness and affection.
You can make a game of this by slowly blinking back at
your cat and see how long the interchange can last.


Grooming s not all about hygiene.
Cats groom each other both as a stress-reliever
and as a bonding mechanism.
If your cat grooms you, it's a sign that she accepts you
as part of her feline "family."
It can also be a way of claiming "ownership" of you.

Head Rubbing and Butting

If your cat rubs her face on you,
she is "marking" you as her property.
There are glands on her face that secrete pheromones
which act to mark territory as well as signal comfort and familiarity.
Each cat's pheromone signature is unique,
just as our fingerprints are. When she leaves behind this
calling card, she's saying "MINE!"


If your cat follows you from room to room and
hangs out wherever you are,
it's a sign that she's interested in you and
wants to be where you are.
Some cats who otherwise do not display affection
can still express their love just by "being there for you."

Bringing You "Gifts"

As repugnant as it is to find that Fluffy has 
left a mutilated mole or dead bird on your doorstep,
do not yell or hurt her when you find it.
She has bestowed a cherished gift upon you
and is hoping you'll be pleased with the offering,
just as a child seeks approval from his parents.
The best way to discourage this behavior is to keep her indoors.

Excitement at Your Return Home

You may not witness this, but your spouse or roommate might.
Most cats who are bonded to their owners will
respond with excitement when they hear your car in the driveway,
or when you make distinctive sounds (like jingle of the key in the lock)
when returning home. If they run for the door when you come through it,
they've missed you and are relieved that you've returned safely home to them.

Belly Display

When your cat rolls over and exposes her belly to you,
she is signaling that she trusts you and loves you.
Exposing her belly exposes her vulnerability.
If she did that in the wild, she'd be toast.
She's comfortable enough with you to let down her guard.

Tail Position

Many cats use question mark-shaped tail
to greet someone they like.
A tail in the full upright position also indicates familiarity,
trust and affection.


This instinctual gesture originates from birth,
when your cat kneaded her mother to stimulate milk flow.
In later life kneading ignifies contentment, pleasure and adoration,
especially if accompanied by drooling.
This is one of the greatest expressions of love that your cat can bestow upon you.

Cat Love Can be Subtle

Unlike dogs, cats usually won't shower you with sloppy kisses,
but that doesn't mean they don't love you.
In their own subtle way, cats will let you know where you stand,
and petting a purring, head-butting cat in your lap
is a quiet pleasure that can make your day.