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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: How to Mend a Lamp ::

:: How to Mend a Lamp ::

We dreamed of the ideal environment when we want to live. 
We examined our budget, we shared out ideas, and then we took steps to design
The place that would be most ideal with the given financial commitments. 
Some nice artwork, some nice furniture pieces, a nice kitchen island.
A nice lamp. Maybe two. Nice is usually nice term to describe something
Within affordability. And of course, nice things existed more easily without a cat. 
Nice apartments with cats, I would assume, are, erm, a little more bare. 
So it was not wrong to suppose that the sudden arrival of FrancFranc would lead
To the demise (and destruction) to the nice things in the house. 
The first casualty was the slim Humpty Dumpty lamp once sitting happily 
On the TV console. After a close brush with the curious kitty, it broke a leg. 
Slim HD was about to be thrown away, until I came up with the idea to 
Do some paper machie cast after taping the broken pieces together. 
The original idea was to have it bandaged in cloth bandage, but the 
Contrast would have been lacking. Fortunately there were some copies of
Old maps from National Geographic which were then stripped and then 
Added to give it a nicer effect. Let's hope FrancFranc will not
Break the other leg.