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:: Heartbreak Warfare ::

:: Heartbreak Warfare ::

Heartbreak warfare

I was listening to this song on the radio while driving back home from work.
The melody was a pleasant one, but what struck me was a portion of the lyrics:

"Clouds of sulfur in the air
Bombs are falling everywhere
It's heartbreak warfare
Once you want it to begin,
No one really ever wins
In heartbreak warfare."

I guess the lyrics made a lot of sense to me. In a battle of emotions, in a cold war,
No one wins. However, I've never heard of such a term - heartbreak warfare - before.
Hence it was a refreshing take on a familiar topic. I supposed, the Saggitarius centaur in me
Always prefer an approach that confronts an issue immediately; not to let it fester and canker,
And in the process, hopefully, find a resolution, and then lay the ground rules to solve the issue
And make it work. More often than not, issues arise due to the varying perceptions by two or more
Parties. A thinks that weekends are meant for doing things together. B thinks that his immediate family
Comes first and spending time with Grandma is a high priority. Is there a right solution to this? Usually not.
C wants to meet up with an old flame for a catch up. D is jealous and does not want that to happen.
And in retaliation D decides to meet up with someone that would make C unhappy. Is there a prescribed
Solution to this? Usually not, either. Perhaps that is why the lyrics adequately summarizes:

Drop his name
Push it in and twist the knife again
Watch my face
As I pretend to feel no pain

When different perspectives and intentions come into the picture, the most crucial point to note, I surmise,
Is to avoid "heartbreak friendly fire". If two (or more) parties come together because they love one another,
Then the overall objective is to live a life of bliss. Then either party should avoid disparaging actions that would
Only serve to undermine the relationship or friendship. John Mayer sings this at the end of the song:

I don't care if we don't sleep at all tonight
Let's just fix this whole thing now
I swear to God we're gonna get it right
If you lay your weapon down
Red wine and ambien
You're talking shit again, it's heartbreak warfare

I thought this was rather whimsical actually. And I had a good laugh.
So what were the weapons of mass destruction? The vindictive attitude, as well as
"Red wine and ambien". Ambien is another name for zolpidem, a sedative drug which is used
For the treatment of insomnia. This line, together with "You're talking shit again," gave the feeling
That the other party's desire to cause pain is not as deliberate as it was originally perceived to be,
And that it could really just be the typical miscommunication within a relationship. Hence,

If you want more love,
why don't you say so?


How fun! There should be more of such lyrics around.
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