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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: A Series of Unfortunate Incidents ::

:: A Series of Unfortunate Incidents ::

Someone told me that a series of small misfortunes should be appreciated, 

Because, small pains, when dealt in succession, work to avert the large calamity 

That lurks around the corner. I guess, in response to his suggestion, I should be walking

Further away from disaster. From what I could recall, it started with a deep gash at the side

Of my car, which must have happened in a public carpark. The gash reminded me of the scene

From X-men, where Wolverine would have left three deep gashes, into the side of an automobile.

Except in this case, my Wolverine was probably only using his index finger. The gash did not affect

The performance of the car, and in no way degraded the aerodynamics of the ride, but it certainly made

A huge impact on the driver. I could not focus on my driving. Every time I opened my car door, I would

See the gash. I felt the pain. Thus, within a period of two weeks, the gash was repaired, and the car

Looked like new; at least from the repaired side. That was about two months ago.

Then, three weeks earlier, while I was headed over to Millenia Walk for a working meeting,

I parked at the dimly lit basement car park, and visibly distracted by the phone conversation that

I was having, I failed to keep a close eye on the reverse camera. Have you ever heard the

Sound of a car bumper being crushed? It was a short plastic eulogy of sorts, denting

My spirit, together with the bumper. Actually, the bump was not a severe one. But the bump was akin

To a pimple in one's forehead; totally insignificant, but catches all the unnecessary attention,

Not to mention angst. It took me three days and $180 to get over it.

There were other unfortunate incidents as well, in all shapes and sizes.

To lament about it all would make me a chronic complainer.

Instead, I shall heed the friend's advice, and take the approach

That life's like a rollercoaster - you can either scream every time you

Hit a bump, or you can throw you hands up in the air and enjoy it.



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remind me to hurl rocks at your car. YEEHAW!!

: p

haha i understand the pain..
big hugs...
oh well dun be too distracted next time then =p

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