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:: ilovebooks.com ::

:: ilovebooks.com ::

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And since I am on this book-hunt mode, I decided to check out the various modes of ebook shops 
That are based in Singapore. Since Apple is not supporting the release of updated ebooks via its iTune store, 
There is definitely a demand for ebooks which we can easily buy (and preferably, not too expensive, and in 
Singapore Dollar denominations). I found this website called ilovebooks.com - which I later found out to be
An initiative by Mediacorp actually. I was pleasantly surprised to find a quantity of ebooks on the store, 
And there was this Story Buddy contest (http://bit.ly/NVaIAy). The Story Buddy content apparently 
Encourages the blogger in us to write a short story, and if our entries are selected, we get to win an iPad.
The tricky part is that it must involved 3 persons, and each 'buddy' will be required to write a paragraph, 
And the story must contain a given key word or key words. Sounds challenging but yet fun. 

I have always been inspired by Raymond Carver, and while my original intent was to look for an ebook,
Perhaps I could try to write a short story myself? Sounds like great fun! 

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