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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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To spend or to save, To justify, and to be happy.

I have been really saving up for the MacPro Retina. It is not something that I really need, but my iMac is slowing down, and has broken down once or twice since I got it in late 2007 or early 2008. In fact, there was one time where the hard disk crashed. In order to save some money, I searched online on how to get the iMac fixed, and then actually followed some online instructions - I used two suction pads to remove the screen. I then removed the screws and disassembled the parts. I then dusted and cleaned the interior, and then replace the hard disk with a 2TB one that I bought from Sim Lim Square. But like all hardware, age is catching up, and everything that I do with it slows to a crawl especially when I am multitasking. But I continue to resist, because I always think that an inner-struggle (or self-discipline) helps to reassess what one wants, from what one needs. And then, lately, due to certain reasons, I have to give up that amount, and then, a little bit more. My car's tyres were wearing out, so I had to replace the tyres. Some heartless jerk drove into my car and left a deep scratch at the side, and I had to get it fixed as well. And then, there were friends in need, and family asking for assistance here and there. And then, I realise, whether I resist and try to save, the money still flows out anyway. This made me ponder a little - over whether there is actually a point to try to save a penny here and a penny there? Only to have it all flowing away in some other manner? I think that my thoughts are still hovering, and unsettled yet, but I suppose ultimately it is not really about the money. Money comes and money goes, but as long as money is not treated as an end, but as a means to achieving something greater, then it is money well spent.

I guess that doesn't still settle the thoughts in my head - do we save, and justify it? Or do we spend, and justify it? I wonder.
I guess maybe as a start I will just get the Retina after all - and justify it. Haha.


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Possessing money is not the be all and end all of saving. Using the money appropriately is what it's for. So save, and spend according to your means. That's what the money's for.

My will is going to read, "Being of sound mind, I spent it all."

Write so much so that you feel better to get that that retina? Haha guess it's still a want more than a need and it's way too expensive

in other words, we shouldn't be slaves to money.

tech decisions are usually a lil easier for me to make because my parents are always happy to inherit my 3 year old machine. Just reformat, clean the equipment and it's good as new. Heh :)

haha shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh well, sometimes we need to save and justify for our buys to feel more satisfied..
and most imptly...must make sure the buy is a gd buy.. =)

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