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Giving up a rifle when threatened with a screwdriver.

Just a quick musing over the incident at Pasir Laba camp where a soldier handed over a SAR rifle when he was threatened by someone with a screwdriver.

I mean, hey, it was a rifle he was carrying! Even if it was not loaded, how could he have surrender a weapon of that kind to someone wielding a screwdriver? It makes me wonder how Singaporean men (or boys) can go to war and defend the nation.

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Well, I often wonder what would really happen if a foreign country chose to attack. Who would really stay to defend the country? Would it be like Sadaam Hussein's Iraq, that seemed so menacing, until it totally collapsed with the invasion?

LOL true true. I wonder too

"The pen is mightier than the sword"... This applies to the scholar occifer...

"The screwdriver is mightier than the rifle"... this, i supposed, applies to the private soldier?

funny ttm right???
seriously...i wonder why is the govt making army compulsory..
shouldn't they freak out at such news? -.-

he must have thought the screwdriver is mightier..

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