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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Everyone Loves Lego ::

:: Everyone Loves Lego ::

Ever since I moved to the Tiong Bahru estate, and my workplace shifted to the northern tip of Ang Mo Kio,
My evening gym sessions have ended up at Great World City's True Fitness. The gym sessions are the usual,
And usual I mean nothing eventful; it is the usual routine. I will put on my Sony Walkman earphones,
Pump up the volume, and then focus on the weights. But lately, after gym, I've made a small detour.
Instead of heading straight to the elevator, I headed to the nearby Lego shop instead.
Lego was my key hobby during my childhood days, and the fascination with Lego never
Really faded away. At the shop, I realised that there were many series of Lego figurine collectibles.
Intrigued, I grabbed a packet, containing a random collectible from the series.
Series Six currently. Apparently there's already series Seven in other parts of the world.
And then, slowly but surely, the Lego shop became my regular stop, right after gym.
And the collection started to grow. Now I am contemplating whether to get myself
A $69.90 Lego collectible stand that is made of acrylic and with a clear perspex cover.
Am I the only one into Lego? I'm positive there's a Lego personality in each and
Everyone of us. Absolutely.

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You moved to tiong bahru? Welcome to the club!

haha it's been a couple of months.

i do! and i have tonnes of them kept in my plastic boxes. the fun part is the building process. the outcome - fascination & achievement.

at least you are drawn to the Lego shop. I'll detour to ben & jerry's -scream-

I love Lego! Even though I've outgrown them. I always look at them in the toy dept. Ha! I know which shop. I always peer in too!

Legoland opening soon in JB.

I LOVE Lego... But ironically I dun own any

Try playmobil. It's much more customized.

I am very fascinated by Lego 10211 (Grand Emporium)


And the Volkswagen T1 Camper (which I have bought it)

yes that is very super duper!

I just bought the lego camper van in January.

Loved playing lego when i was young but my mom (i think) threw away all the old sets away when i grew up.

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