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:: Friday Evening - Jared's Live Band ::

:: Friday Evening - Jared's Live Band ::

The idea of a live band came about during one of the 5Degrees session,
When Marco and Jared spoke with me about the possibility of doing a live gig.
"Why not?" I replied. If they were really passionate about it, they could come up with a
Business proposal, and we can set things into motion. That was last year.
And after a few discussions, and promptings, Jared sent a proposal, discussed the terms,
And Jared and his team did a sound test, and set 24 Feb as D-Day.
The live gig turned out to be well-attended, with friends and fans of Jared and Imran.
But I thought that the sound system did not bring out the best of their voices -
It was a little muffled. And there was a lot of talking at the entrance.
But all in all, I thought it was a marvelous effort by Jared and the team.
Bravo! And more to come!    
Tags: diary

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