Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

Saturday Musing - 18 Feb

It is nice to come to Livejournal once in a while, to read my friends' postings, and to know that there are still quite a lot of them out there, making posts that are more longer and more personal. And when I am not in constant touch with them, and for some of them, I don't even meet them in person at all, Livejournal allows me to catch small glimpses of them via this window.

I should post more as well. But it has been busier for me, especially with a new place right now. For the past hour, I was busy cleaning the windows. There are oil smudges, likely from the oily hands that push the window outwards. Rather than using the handle, somehow some curious hands will push on the inner glass surface instead, and the oil stains will form. And then, on the outer surface of the windows, the rain spots will form, with many small specks of imperfection. I reckon that this will be a weekly chore.

And while I am typing this, the automatic vacuum cleaner "Paranello" given to me by my beloved friends, is making his rounds. If the measure of its effectiveness is by the amount of dirt and dust it collects, then it must be doing a good job. But it has the habit of bumping into the artwork that lean onto the wall and causing them to topple.

I installed the set of seven picture frames on the wall greeting the entrance, because I felt that it would be nice to 'curate' the collection, and do a monthly theme change, and replace the content with a fresh perspective. It is mid Feb and forty-five days already, and I have yet to do a change. Perhaps it is time to do so.

So much to do, so little time!
Tags: diary, draft, musing

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