Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Many Snakes, No Ladders ::

:: Many Snakes, No Ladders ::

It was not often I drove him home, and shared a quiet moment
In the comfort of the car, where nothing else bothered us; just
Me, and him, and the road. He has always been the quietest of the
Three of us; silent, moody, bordering on the verge of nihilism.
"I made a resolution," he uttered, and I turned the radio volume down.
"But I will not share it with you, until I have achieved it." Perhaps,
He has wisened up from the repeated wild-goose-chases.
Then again, do we all not grow up, when we learn from our past
Experiences? Yet, his shadow of doubt weighed heavily on him.
And on me too, as I felt the heaviness of his complex. Every
Misstep in one's life limits the options. Ultimately, the last few
Remaining options entails much hard work and a slow steady climb.
Many snakes, no ladders. As a drizzle started and drops began to
Fall onto the window pane, I offered an optimistic note,
But the windscreen wiper wiped it away, together with the rainwater.
We could see clearly - it was not going to be a smooth ride.
"The good thing about being down, is that you can only go up,"
Was my ending note for the Rabbit year, as he left the car.
I drove home after that, but his shadow remained with me,
In the passenger seat, bringing the car to a crawl.

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