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:: 14 December 2011 - Crossroads ::

:: 14 December 2011 - Crossroads ::

Do people write more, towards the end of the year, because the end of the year is near?
That the end of the year becomes a more appropriate time for one, to ponder, to reflect,
And then to do some retrospection of the year which is almost over?
For my personal case, it becomes a natural activity, since the last month of the year,
December, also happens to be my birthday. It is a natural juncture to pause, and take stock.
Coincidentally, this month marks the crossing of more than one path - several paths, in fact.
In this transitory watershed, it marks the shift from my current home; one which I have lived in for
Ten years (and then, a little more), to a new place closer to town. December also marks the close
To another chapter of my career as I move from one memorable career onto another.
Last but not least, if I assume that seventy is the "ripe old age" which I will live to, then
In a few days time, I would have crossed the halfway mark.
I feel that life has a way of unfolding events for us, in a very fascinating manner.
The journey of life is usually an uneventful ride. Often cyclical. Sometimes mundane.
Then, past the bend at a corner, we arrive at the edge of a cliff, with a spectacular sight
That astounds yet challenges us. The road ahead will definitely be exciting, yet challenging.
For who knows what obstacles we would face along the way.
It then depends on the individual - on whether one would take the risk and veer off the well-travelled track
Into the exciting wilderness. Or would one faithfully continue with familiarity. And comfort.

The white billiard ball strikes the cluster, and the rest of the balls, upon impact, move in all directions.

For the shift from my current home to a new one, I took my time to pack.
And, like everyone else, I found myself, at many occasions, rummaging through objects and trinkets
That I have accumulated through the ages. In fact, where my memory has failed to recall, these souvenirs
Brought back flashes of memories of a time when I was another myself in another time.
I realised that I have kept a pile of handwritten letters that I have received from my high school and college friends
And loved ones. Some continued to write to me as I continued my varsity education overseas.
The many postcards and aerogrammes reminded me of the different periods of my life, from primary to secondary.
Then to junior college and then to university. There were penpals that I have lost touch with, and girlfriends that got married,
And then some that became my best friends. There were classmates that I have not contacted for many years, only
To be connected yet again through Facebook. There were also photo prints of my past childhood, with my
Siblings, with my dog Hairy, and then of Mark, my OCS buddy and his wife, Geraldine.
What are we, without these personal connections that define us?
At that moment, I took my phone and snapped photos of the prints, which I am sure everyone else have forgotten,
And whatsapped it to those that were in the pictures: Angela, Brenden, Meng, Bryan, Jack, Mark, Geraldine, Wendy, JJ.
The list goes on.
And while I am determined to limit the things that I will be bringing to the new place, I carefully packed all the reminders
Of my memories into a crate; these are priceless objects that will only grow to be more valuable in time to come.

For the shift from the current career to a new one, it definitely took me a long time to make this decision.
After all, I am really very happy with my current organization, and my position.
The management has given me the empowerment to pursue a new avenue of growth, and
Allowed me to grow my team. In fact, my parent HQ recognized my efforts and even sent a staff to Singapore to understudy
My team. I had extremely good relations with the Europe and America office, and the past year has been a challenging yet
Rewarding one. Despite starting from scratch, the team managed to deliver credible results.
So, why the move? The decision to move was a very tough decision, especially when I have grown to be emotionally
Attached to the team, and the organization. Yet, I feel, sometimes life is about being able to move out of one's
Comfort zone, and to dare to take the plunge, and to be able to try new things, and in the process, grow.
And hence, I looked ahead, and took the step. It doesn't really matter if it might be a rollercoaster ride.
I am sure I'll be exhilarated.

And lastly, for the shift from the early half to the later half, I only ask for wisdom.
Every year, as I grow older, I think I have learned something from my foolhardy past,
Only to realise that I am still in the process, of learning. I am not sure if I am only the one that behaves this way,
But I would start my new year thinking that I have learned something; and I would resolve to focus on this learning.
For one year it could be striving to do well at my job. For another year it could be about pursuing a certain inclination.
But the attempt to do something usually comes at the expense of other matters.
As I swing from corner to another corner, and then yet to another corner, perhaps the years of living
Would slowly bring me closer to the centre, as I slowly learn to find the balance.
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