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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: You Better Let Somebody Love You, Before It's Too Late. ::

:: You Better Let Somebody Love You, Before It's Too Late. ::

A few weeks ago I was talking about my petunias.
They happen not to be petunias, but fittonias.
This is a petunia.

This is a fittonia.

So what is the difference between petunias and fittonias?
Petunia is a flowering plant which originated from South America
And has a nice pinkish hue. They tolerate harsh conditions and hot climates.
Fittonia, on the other hand, is a short garden plant with lush green
(Or red) leaves, and is best kept in a moist area with mild sunlight.
Our local IKEA stores often carry tiny pots of fittonias, and due to their
Affordability and lushness, I am sure many wannabe-green-fingers
Would have bought and brought them home, only to end up having them
Withering away, as the fittonia is known to be hard to grow.
Nevertheless, the fittonias in my bedroom, are thriving, thanks to a low-energy
Studying lamp (yes! from IKEA as well) which provides the necessary light
For their photosynthesis. In fact, the fittonia from the PET bottle has already
Outgrown the confines of its plastic prison, and seems to be desperately
Reaching for the light.

And so, as the plants grow, and reach for the light,
The month turns November, then December, then the year, Thousand Twelve.
And as everyone gathers, in good times, and good cheer, to usher in the coming year,
It really seems like a repeat of another year. Unfortunately,
We are all like riders in a merry-go-round of a spinning top.
As the platform that we are riding on, goes round and round,
Life is a blurry whirl, with familiar events that repeat, sometimes, ad nauseum.
And then, the top, would wobble itself as it prepares to stop,
One by one, our friends, our loved ones, get thrown out,
And potentially, we are left alone, until the top comes to a complete stop.

Yet, many of us become afraid to love, because we are tired of being hurt.
Some of us would not want to experience being hurt again, while others are jaded,
And tired from having to fall in love, and then out of it again. We keep the barriers up,
And stray away from anyone that tries to get close enough to us to get over those barriers.
And then, more often than not, we disqualify ourselves, and deem ourselves as not
Worthy of the affection of those that we may possibly love, because we are afraid of
Being rejected. And hence, words that should be spoken are never spoken, and
Strangers with mutual inclinations remain strangers because neither has the courage
To step forth and say, "Hi, I like you." Eventually, we have to get over being afraid,
Because it gets even harder as we grow older. To ask is to risk rejection, but to
Shy from rejection ends in loneliness.

You better let somebody love you, before it's too late.


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heh heh... agree with what you said. but for the last sentence, (at least for myself), i found myself starting to really love people only when i start to know how to love myself. prior to that, i had mistaken selfishness, infatuation and lust to be love.

I agree with you.

i really liked how you broke the lines up - from a possibly mundane prose to poetic verses that could possibly bring out that "a-ffect" for this piece.

that aside, i would agree with you - the power that words have. over the years, i've seen for myself the difference it can make. then again, it really takes a lot for someone to come out of his or her comfort zone - to speak those words that he or she might never find that courage to say.

but, we try :)

aside from the risk of having to face rejection, some of us remain single because of many unreasonable expectations from our partner, especially in singapore!

interesting how you bridged from the topic of plants to the need for love. It's like you're having a chat with yourself! lol

the simplest things is the hardest to get. you just want to love but rejection, betrayal and other reasons puts off every passion you have for love.

I require your expertise on how to reject ppl hitting on u when u already attached. Can u write something abt that skill set soon?

how true many people put up barriers and dun set their true self out
they risk genuine friendship and more...

Love represents such strength and wonderful possibilities, dun it?

Wow you are reading such an old entry of mine! Lunch or dinner, sometime?

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